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Deepika Padukone Age | Weight | Height

deepika padukone age

Well, though she is flaw less and age is not showing any signs on her. Deepika Padukone Age is 30 years.  Deepika Padukone’s birth date is January 5th, 1986 and birth place is Copenhagen, Denmark.  Her parents are Ujjala and Prakash Padukone (famous badminton legend). Her family is based out of Bangalore and She usually stays in Bombay for her professional goals. Deepika Padukone‘s Height is 5 feet 7 inches (1.74 m). Her eye and hair colour is Black and she usually maintains her over all health by following a healthy diet and exercise regime. Deepika Padukone‘s weight is ~60 kgs. Read in detail on deepika padukone profile page.

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