Deepika Padukone Diet

The Fitness mantra around Deepika Padukone diet  is “Becoming skinny and slim by having low calorie diet is not fitness. Being healthy overall by having healthy lifestyle which includes healthy diet, sleep, adequite water and exercise is important.”

Deepika Padukone is very serious about her diet and lifestyle and she follows it religiously .

Deepika Padukone‘s day goes as below :

Breakfast : She aims to have heaviest breakfast (No wonder, why breakfast is known to be the king of meals) as it fuels the whole day activity. In which she has upma, idli, dosa, utpam and low fat milk.  However, she is not sticky to above dishes and can usually have any south indian food as breakfast.
Lunch : Its lighter then breakfast and contains normal 2 chapattis, fresh fruits, fish and fresh vegetables.
Short Meals : She eats fresh seasonal fruits and drinks water/coconut oil every 2 hours.
Dinner : She avoids rice and non veg for dinner. Dinner is usually very light and she likes Dark choclates as deserts.

Any one can follow her regime and be fit. But as per her, homemade food is best and if you follow healthy lifestyle along with it, you will see results in very few days.

She shared her views on her diet on following two events :